Finding the Ideal House Foundation Repair Company

Do you need to find and hire a house foundation repair company for inspection to help you determine if the problems you are faced with are cosmetic or will require foundation repair.

House Foundation Repair Company Houston

Houston foundation repair company

You have noticed that your doors and windows are getting hard to close and open by the day. You may have seen one or two big cracks on your walls, or maybe you can actually see your floor is slanted. Any of these things is a sign of foundation problems. This issue is common especially in areas where it rains a lot or the soil is mostly sand. One may think their concrete slabs are moving but the truth is that it’s only the soil below the slab that moves due to water or termite infestations. With this in mind a home owner is able to know how to go about solving solve their foundation problems.

Unlike other repairs around a home, house foundation repairs must be done by an experienced contractor. However, finding one who will know exactly what is wrong with the foundation and give you a good solution is not that easy. Here are a few things to check for in a house foundation repair company;

Inspection capabilities

Like any good contractor, we take our time to measure and investigate the scope of the problem. We have all the necessary machinery and equipment to do this inspection( which takes about 30 minutes to an hour).


We are proud to have many years of experience under our belt and our reputation precedes us. This can be checked out in the reviews on our company website. We also have many happy clients who can attest to this. We are licensed and registered so you are sure you are dealing with the real thing.


A good contractor must have clear drawings and explanations of your foundation problems and be prepared to discuss any excavation services in Houston TX. We help you understand in layman’s terms and answer all your questions to satisfaction. Not all cracks and stress calls for foundation repair and a good contractor knows that. Our inspectors and engineers give the best recommendation for the home first and avoid unnecessary repairs.

The right Piling method

Even though there is no guarantee that any pressing method will prevent any further soil movement,some methods are more superior to others. We prefer using pressed concrete pilings instead of wood because of decay and termites. The piling method should at least give you some service despite the warranty given by companies.

Overall cost

While you are looking for someone affordable, ensure the cost is inclusive of all the necessary permits to avoid fines from local codes. We offer the best quotes in Southeast Texas and they include all the costs from permits to labor and materials needed.


Over twelve years of experience and top notch engineers at our disposal enables us to do an exemplary job. We have done more than a fair share of house foundation repairs in Houston and we are confident in our work. Because of this we offer a lifetime warranty unlike many other companies.

Foundation is the biggest part of a home and should be taken seriously. Many insurance companies cover foundation repairs but it’s good to ask your provider before undertaking the task. As a rule of thumb, problems with the foundation should be addressed sooner rather than later because ignoring them will only worsen the situation.